And when I got up , I'm at the red cave.


This is a 12’ x 20’ gingerbread cottage with the sweetest rounded loft bedroom and a beautiful 4’x4’ tub and metal tiled walls. The kitchenette included a fold up table for breakfast. The beautiful railings were made from new “Old Stock” spindles that were hand turned a century ago. They are made from Poplar, Walnut, Pine, and Oak, which were mixed together to create a unique variety due to the variations in the cuts on each hand turned spindles. This house sits near Canyon Lake serves as a bed and breakfast space that includes a whirlpool tub outside with a great area for relaxing in the Texas sun.

That first exterior shot looks like a completely separate home from those interior shots. Love the use of space.


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I really miss my friends , after my family literally dwindled down to me and my brother ,my friends became my family. I have a few really close friends but sometimes we go months without seeing or even talking to each other.It seems to be the older I get the less contacts I have in my phone and the text messages and phone calls get farther and few between. I cherish the.moments I have with the people I love. I just wish there were more moments in my life.

Dear general public ,

Your local retailers are not babysitters .

Anyone who has ever worked retail or restaurants

Last night

Last night I went out and it was such a good time. A friend and I had planned to go to a concert but it was unfortunetly sold out. But we made the best of it, we picked up a third friend and got some wings and beer,a true ladies night. It was nice to relax with good friends.the beer was good to, I’m not much of a drinker, so I had a pumpking and an Apple beer, delicious, my friend had Christmas ales, I’m not a big fan of them but they enjoyed it. I guess I shouldn’t wait so long to have a good time.

In the roughly 24 hours since Blockbuster’s closures were announced, I’ve seen scores of misty-eyed memories of Blockbuster’s heyday, and I don’t aim to dismiss those remembrances — your nostalgia is your own. But let’s not soft-soap the fact that this was a chain that ran roughshod over local businesses, gouged customers on a regular basis, employed scores of movie-ignorant dullards, refused to stock controversial titles, imposed a bullshit “family” morality that was hypocritical at best, and operated on a business model that was less about Film than it was about Product.

—Jason Bailey, “Good Riddance, Blockbuster” (via flavorpill)